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DNN journey
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Tjep's favourite CMS

Why DNN?

There are many parameters to take into account when selecting a content management system. For us, the most important reasons are:

  • Rock solid base
  • Extremely secure
  • Easy to extend
  • Very user friendly
  • Out of the box really complete

The people's choice

DNN has been elected as 'most user friendly CMS in the world'. Not just by us but by readers of CMSCritic, a platform specialized in content management systems. Real people with real jobs who know what is involved regarding content management.

DNN is the only reknowned CMS with real 'in page editing'. You never have to search your content in the back end, never wonder how things will look at the front end...the front end = the back end.

The people's choice

Tjep's MVP

Tjep's was dedicated to DNN from the get go. We made a choice, specialized and committed. Within 1 year, founder Tycho de Waard, became a DNN MVP and still holds this award every year.